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Launching my new blog

In this post I introduce my new blog and reflect on the growth of the social web.

Over the last few months I’ve been reflecting on the impact of the social web on our professional and personal lives. 

  • Back in 2009 I attended the twenty year school reunion of Caloundra State High School. It was huge with about 140 of my schoolmates of a total around 180 attending.  I didn’t even know about the ten year reunion and was told only about 30 attended at that time. What’s the difference – Facebook!
  • Business connections through LinkedIn have led me to new market opportunities, helped build mentoring partnerships and provided useful connections though two-three degrees of separation.
  • TripAdvisor has helped me make better choices of hotels and discover some travel trip gems thanks to the contributions of the online community.

I am active on all of these communities but want to take my professional contributions up a notch through the combination of this blog and my new Twitter (@TrumpOnEdu) account.

So welcome to my personal blog which centres around my learning, research and reflections on education, technology (especially Microsoft) and their intersection as I travel the world, listen to others and browse the web.

Remember, this is a personal blog so the ideas, thoughts and opinions I share here are my own and not those of Microsoft.

I welcome your feedback as well so please share your thoughts to blog postings. 

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